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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions must be signed and agreed by all Clients before any orders are placed to ensure mutual understanding of both the product/work and expectations of Spoke Interiors Ltd and its service to you, the Client. This document is intended to contain all the terms upon which the Client agrees to purchase the products/work described by the Spoke Interiors Ltd. Any additional term, condition or verbal agreement should be written down for the purpose of clarity and signed by the Client and the Spoke Interiors Ltd’s Representative. The variation should be noted on a specific order.

1. A “confirmed order” is considered to be an order of which the specification and price has been agreed and signed for by the Client (or confirmed by email) and this order has been secured with a 25% or 50% deposit (depending on the type of product/work). Advised delivery schedules can only commence once all these requirements have been completed.

2. The Client should hold (and NOT submit) an order until he/she is sure all details are correct, finalised and confirmed.

3. The Client has the right to cancel this Agreement within 7 days of a confirmed order. Cancellation must be effected and confirmed by email only to

4. If the Client cancels an order during the manufacture process, which usually starts upon a confirmed order, Spoke Interiors Ltd reserves the right to charge 80% of the total agreement price, which represents the expenses incurred by the Company prior to cancellation.

5. Spoke Interiors Ltd at its discretion may in appropriate cases agree to late cancellation of an order by a Client subject to the Client paying the expenses incurred by Spoke Interiors Ltd prior to cancellation.

Supply of Products
6. Spoke Interiors Ltd agrees to supply the products/work at the price specified upon a confirmed order once all details of the order have been confirmed by the Client.

7. Remakes are considered and will be treated as “priority” so the Client can complete jobs ASAP.

8. If a remake is the Client’s fault then the remake item will be charged at the normal rate and delivered ASAP.

9. If a remake is the Spoke Interiors Ltd’s fault, the faulty item should NOT be fitted and the fault, with photographs and a report, must be reported to Spoke Interiors Ltd ( within 14 days of delivery to comply with clause 35-36.

10. “Company fault” remakes can only be swapped for the faulty product, Spoke Interiors Ltd does not deliver a remake without picking up the faulty product.

Changes To Orders
11. No changes to an order can be made after 24 hours of a “confirmed order”.

12. In the event of any modification to an order, after it has been confirmed (the deposit has been paid and manufacturing has commenced), these changes will incur a significant surcharge of up to 100% of the items sale price (and not less than £50) to the Client depending on the stage at which the change is confirmed.

Return of Deposit
13. As most products made by the Spoke Interiors Ltd are customised to the Client’s specification, no deposits can be refunded unless the Spoke Interiors Ltd can not fulfil an order due to a fault of its own.

Listed Buildings/Conservation Areas
14. It is the Client’s responsibility to include all details in an order to comply and fulfil all requirements for Listed Buildings and/or Conservation Areas. The Company accepts no responsibility in this regard.

FENSA & Building Regulations
15. The company accepts responsibility for supplying the correct Glass to meet FENSA and Building regulations but only if it has been clearly specified on an order to say a certain technical specification needs to be fulfilled for that order.

Showroom Supplies, Samples & Pictures
16. Representatives’, showroom samples, website content and photographs are used to demonstrate a typical product and its composition. No guarantee is given that the products supplied will conform precisely with the samples. Spoke Interiors Ltd reserves the right to make minor non-aesthetic alterations to the specification of the products ordered.

Glass Breakage
17. All glass used is the best available but Spoke Interiors Ltd accepts no liability in respect of glass breakages that are due to the fault or neglect of the Client or a third party.

18. Glass manufacturers will not guarantee minor imperfection or shade variations and consequently Spoke Interiors Ltd will not be liable for any such imperfections or variations.

Product Maintenance
19. When wooden frames/Units are used and Spoke Interiors Ltd is employed to fully finish the product in regard to painting, the Client must follow our maintenance instructions given to you on completion of the project to maintain the quality finish that was first provided by Spoke Interiors Ltd. If maintenance and cleaning is not done then no guarantees apply. Maintenance instructions must be passed on to the Client by Spoke Interiors Ltd.

20. All moving parts (e.g. locks, handles etc) should be oiled and treated twice per year to maintain best possible operation.

21. Any replacement products supplied within the 10 year Guarantee period under the terms of the Company’s Guarantee will also be covered by the Guarantee but only for the remainder of the Guarantee period.

22. Spoke Interiors Ltd accepts no liability in respect of the following:

22.1.1. The failure of the Client to inspect deliveries properly or use a qualified person upon delivery.

22.1.2. The failure of the product/installation to reduce or eliminate condensation or noise;

22.1.3. Damage to products resulting from subsidence due to soil shrinkage, underground or mine workings;

22.1.4. Minor defects to plaster work and brick work due to settlement;

22.1.5. Parts included on doors/windows/cabinets (handles, locks, hinges, thresholds & any metal parts) are made by a third party and are not guaranteed unless stated/agreed otherwise.

22.1.6. Damage to the product attributable to the failure of foundations or structure.

22.1.7. Damage or deterioration to the product arising out of normal wear and tear.

22.1.8. Damage due to accident, storm, flood, neglect, misuse, faults or premature deterioration which results from the Client’s failure to comply with the Spoke Interiors Ltd’s maintenance instructions as clause 29-31.

22.1.9. Acceptable tolerances as far as the Spoke Interiors Ltd is concerned with wood is up to 5mm as wood is expected to and will expand and contract with heat/cold.

23. The fully agreed price shall be paid by the Client to Spoke Interiors Ltd in the event that the Client fails to draw to Spoke Interiors Ltd’s attention to any defective products within 14 days from the date of delivery.

24. The full purchase price shall be paid by the Client to Spoke Interiors Ltd in the event that the Client fails to allow Spoke Interiors Ltd access to pick up products for return to Spoke Interiors Ltd within 14 days commencing from the date of notification of the defective product.

25. All payments must be paid to “Spoke Interiors Ltd”, Santander Sort code: 09-01-27 Account: 85618268

26. Payment shall be by direct transfer or cash only.

27. All orders must be secured with a 25% or 50% deposit.

28. Spoke Interiors Ltd will only supply products to a Client once the Clients credit history has been checked, approved and a specific amount agreed by the Companies Credit Advisors/Insurers.

29. If credit is not approved by the Companies advisor the only option to this is Cash on Delivery or cleared funds upon delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE MADE. IF FUNDS ARE NOT CLEARED NO DELIVERY IS MADE.

30. If credit is approved, all orders must be paid in full within 30 days from delivery or completion of work. Interest and all collection charges on any overdue payment shall accrue from the 1st day after 30 days of delivery and from day to day thereafter until the date of payment at a rate of 1% per day plus collection charges and shall accrue at such a rate after as well as before any judgment.

31. Solicitors and/or Debt Collectors will be engaged to collect any unpaid monies and additional charges charged by any other parties will be added to any unpaid amounts.

32. If credit is NOT approved all orders must be paid in full upon or before delivery (products only), these funds must be cleared by the time we arrive with your order. Cheques are not acceptable upon delivery as they can be cancelled.

33. No deductions, claims or faults, for any reason, can be made or accepted after 14 days of delivery.

34. The price shall be the price set upon each order. The price is exclusive of VAT. VAT shall be due at the rate ruling on the date of Spoke Interiors Ltd’s invoice. Any variation in the application rate of VAT will be passed on to the Purchaser.

35. The price may be varied in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

36. Variations in colour regarding shades of paint, wood, glass, any metal and any other parts included can not be guaranteed and can vary slightly upon each batch manufactured and/or each item available at the time.

37. Timber is a natural product and does expand and shrink regardless of the quality of paints and primers, therefore acceptable tolerances, sizes and dimensions can vary at different points in time and must be adjusted by the Client as this is considered normal and is not guaranteed by Spoke Interiors Ltd.

38. The company reserves the right to reduce overall height and/or width dimensions by up to 10mm to ease production calculations.

39. Each and every piece of timber is unique; therefore we can not guarantee styles or shades of natural grain.

40. Because our timber suppliers can not always supply the best sizes to us, we reserve the right to join and glue various parts together to make up the dimensions required, this also helps to preserve our natural resources as best as possible.

41. The Client agrees to thoroughly check all windows/doors/units upon delivery to avoid any disputes after delivery is made and sign a delivery note to confirm that all items are made to their satisfaction and are exactly as they ordered.

42. The Client agrees not to sign any delivery as “unchecked” as this contradicts the previous clause.

43. If the Client does sign the delivery note as “unchecked” the items can not be delivered.

44. The Client will check all details and all aspects of the goods before accepting and signing each delivery to ensure they are correct and manufactured to the exact specifications ordered, condition and standards expected.

45. The Client accepts all responsibility for the goods and condition of the goods after delivery has been accepted.

46. Title, property and risk in the goods shall pass to the Client once delivery of the goods has been accepted.

47. If for some unforeseeable reason our items are more than 14 days late arriving to you, we will deduct 1% from the total net value, if they are more than 21 days late we will deduct 3% from the net value.

48. No other contra charges or deductions can be accepted for any reason.

After Installation
49. Once the items have been installed the client can send Spoke Interiors Ltd a copy of any photographs taken to assist Spoke Interiors Ltd with marketing.

50. After installation and settlement, timber items, especially where oak is used, can sometimes crack a little bit and is considered normal that an Client fills, repairs and paints any cracks (unless Spoke Interiors Ltd. This criteria does not permit any remakes free of charge nor compensation as it is natural material.

51. If the Client makes an order but does not accept delivery of the order around the agreed time scale of 4 to 10 weeks from order then the balance of the order must be paid in full and Spoke Interiors Ltd reserves the right to charge an extra £200 +VAT per month for storage charges. This Agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales Nothing in this Agreement shall affect the Purchaser’s Statutory Rights.